Past PInCh Contests

PInCh 2018: What is your idea to improve human performance?

The sixth Pitt Innovation Challenge focused on ideas that improve human performance.

PInCh 2017: How can we use wearable technology to address an important health problem?

The fifth Pitt Innovation Challenge focused on solving important health problems using wearable technology.


PInCh 2016: What is your bold solution to a vital health problem?

The fourth Pitt Innovation Challenge focused on bold solutions in health.


PInCh 2015: Healthy lives matter beginning to end

Innovative solutions to improve health with a focus on connections that bridge the lifespan.

The third Pitt Innovation Challenge focused on ideas for how to enhance health by bridging factors that impact different life stages. Innovative solutions included interventions, provider or patient tools, community programs, or any other approach that involved a linkage between at least two life stages (including predictive solutions, preventative ideas, and diagnostics across the lifespan and multiple generations).


PInCh Fall 2014: From cell to community: How can we individualize solutions for better health(care)?

The second Pitt Innovation Challenge again sparked fresh ideas surrounding challenges in health. Proposals included solutions to problems ranging from individualized medical testing to patient data tools to community and contexts that impact an individual’s health.


PInCh Spring 2014: Empowering individuals to take control of their own health outcomes

The inaugural Pitt Innovation Challenge focused on generating creative ideas spanning the spectrum of health and health care delivery, including ideas for informing, activating, and engaging people in their own disease prevention, care, or treatment.