Trial Implementation and Enrollment

Launching a clinical trial, or just participating as a site, can be complex. Researchers often encounter administrative, regulatory, and recruitment delays. The CTSI Clinical Trial Accelerator (CTA) core can help with these issues, improve quality, and facilitate faster, more efficient implementation of clinical trials. The CTA core also serves as the liaison to the Trial Innovation Network (TIN), which provides support for multi-site clinical trials within the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) network.

Clinical Trial Accelerator Core Services

CTSI Facilitators

CTSI has a group of experienced research facilitators who are available to meet with investigators to discuss issues related to clinical trial implementation. Our team consults with investigators on a broad array of study-related issues including regulatory and study design questions, identifying collaborators, protocol development and recruitment and enrollment.

Pitt+Me Research Recruitment Program

The Pitt+Me Research Recruitment Program is a first-of-its-kind multimedia and digital messaging program designed to engage the public and increase participation in research studies. A fundamental component of this program is the Pitt+Me Registry – a database of more than 250,000 adult and pediatric participants who have signed up to find out more about local research opportunities.

Cohort Discovery: ACT Network

ACT is a web-based multi-site tool that helps researchers assess the availability of patient populations at academic medical centers across the United States via self-directed electronic health record searches. It helps with cohort discovery to determine study feasibility, study design, and identifying additional sites for a multi-site clinical trial.

CTSA Trial Innovation Network (TIN)

The Trial Innovation Network is a national collaborative initiative across the CTSA Program that supports planning and implementation of multi-center clinical trials.

Team & Contact Info

Dr. Charles Jonassaint

Core Co-director, Clinical Trial Accelerator Core
Phone: 412-586-9850

Dr. David Huang

Core Co-director, Clinical Trial Accelerator Core
Phone: 412-647-6818

Katelyn Collinger

Core Administrator, Clinical Trial Accelerator Core
Phone: 412-648-4254

Sue Clifton

Core Administrator, Clinical Trial Accelerator Core
Phone: 412-648-4258