Older Adult Research Network

The Older Adult Research Network (OARN) supports and encourages research with older adults residing in the community and in senior-living communities and facilities. The OARN draws upon the experience and expertise of the University of Pittsburgh Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center

The OARN is available to facilitate recruitment from any of our over-60 community partners, including senior high rises, independent-living facilities, senior centers, assisted-living facilities, and skilled-nursing homes.

The University of Pittsburgh Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center

The center, which is one of 12 centers across the country funded by the National Institutes of Health to promote functional independence among older Americans, aims to better understand and treat issues related to aging through multidisciplinary research.

The Pepper Center Community Research Registry has more than 2,300 community-dwelling participants 60 years of age and older. Participants who choose to participate in the Claude D. Pepper Community Registry consent to be contacted for participation in Pepper Center-approved research studies. These participants are followed yearly to update contact information, mobility and balance status, and basic health information. This registry has helped more than 100 studies with recruitment.

For more information, please email pepperoa@pitt.edu.

The Community Research Registry is comprised of two phases of access:

  • Screening of unidentified group data for potential sample size. Investigators can search the database using criteria related to mobility status, demographics, or other indicators to determine potential sample size for a study
  • Access to identifiable data for participant recruitment. Studies require formal research approvals, including IRB and protocol review by the Pepper Research Registry Committee. Investigators then have access to individual subject data in a web-based application. Investigators receive a password to access specific study inclusion/exclusion criteria on a secure registry database of potentially eligible respondents

Platinum Senior-Living Residence Registry

The Platinum Research Registry for Senior-Living Residents includes a voluntary network of regional senior-living facilities and communities and acts as a centralized resource to promote research among older adults. The registry is comprised of all UPMC Senior Communities and over-55 non-UPMC senior-living facilities.

The purpose of the registry is to create the following:

  • A database of people who reside in senior-living communities who are willing to participate in research studies
  • A list of senior-living communities and adult day programs interested in participating as a site for future research studies

Possible research studies may be conducted on topics such as physical therapy, fall prevention, balance, sleep, and age-related issues. Residents of senior-living communities and adult day programs who are age 55 and older are eligible. Senior-living communities include independent living, personal care, assisted living, skilled nursing, and senior high-rise apartments.

Researchers who are interested in using these registries should contact the registry coordinator or visit www.pepper.pitt.edu.


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Hours of Operation

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Janelle Christensen, Administrator
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