Research Facilities & Networks

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The CTSI Clinical Research Facilities (CRF) Core provides facilities, resources, and personnel to conduct clinical and translational research. CRF's Clinical and Translational Research Centers (CTRCs) and Research Networks offer inpatient and outpatient facilities, staff, equipment, laboratory testing, and other research resources.

Multidisciplinary Acute Care Research Organization (MACRO) 

MACRO specializes in the identification and enrollment of patients in acute care settings into research studies.

Newborn Research Support Service (NuRSERy) 

​NuRSERy supports research in newborns and postpartum mothers.

Women's Health Practice-Based Research Network

The Women’s Health Practiced-Based Research Network promotes collaboration between practitioners and clinical investigators to improve women’s health.

University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Clinical and Translational Research Center (UPCI-CTRC)   

The UPCI-CTRC specializes in Phase I and Phase II oncology and pharmacokinetic studies.

UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital Clinical and Translational Research Center (MWH-CTRC)

The MWH-CTRC specializes in women's health and reproductive services research.

Neuroscience Clinical and Translational Research Center (N-CTRC) 

The N-CTRC specializes in sleep, circadian and psychophysiological studies of health and disease across the lifespan.

Older Adult Research Network (OARN)

The OARN supports research in older adults residing in the community, senior-living communities, and skilled-nursing facilities.

Physical Therapy Clinical and Translational Research Center (PT-CTRC)  

The PT-CTRC specializes in exercise physiology testing and rehabilitation.

UPMC Montefiore Clinical and Translational Research Center (MUH-CTRC) 

The MUH-CTRC supports inpatient and outpatient studies, oncology, vascular studies, and pharmacokinetics.

Protocol Submission

All new and ongoing research studies must obtain human subjects research (IRB) approval prior to using CRF resources. Approval is granted by the Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) for applications submitted via the PittPRO online system. New protocols may also be submitted through the CTSI Tracking System.


Investigators planning to use CRF resources (including CTRCs and/or PBRNs) should contact the respective administrator to schedule an initial meeting. Initial discussions address study design, required resources, and budget for the proposed protocol. Fees for inpatient and outpatient studies are based on resources required. Fees related to the protocol and patient visits cannot be billed to a patient's insurer and are the responsibility of the investigator.