What We Do

Empowering Innovation

CTSI drives pioneering thinking by developing innovative programs. The team works directly with researchers and collaborates with regulatory agencies to navigate the complex governing pathways.

From bench to bedside and everything in between, CTSI creates, supports, and encourages opportunities that better the human condition. Whether that is helping a researcher find study participants, providing seed funding for an idea with potential, or giving guidance on the dos and don’ts of clinical research, we have the people, tools, and knowledge that can move your research or your project or your idea through from start to finish.

The CTSI research facilitators are regulatory experts who educate and guide investigators on proper development of their studies. Pitt+Me, the CTSI Research Participant Registry, has a database of more than 180,000 potential volunteers, an invaluable asset. The PInCh program challenges creative thinking to solve complex problems in a competition for start-up funding. We educate and train investigators through the Institute for Clinical Research Education (ICRE). We reach out and engage the community to be part of the research solution through partnerships and programs like Community PARTners (Community Engagement core) and WORDOUT: Community Research Dissemination Challenge.

CTSI is all of this and much more and chances are that we can help you. 

How We Work

Research Facilitators

A group of experienced research professionals available to help with all aspects of the research process.

Core Divisions

Our 12 Core divisions specialize in the different aspects of the research life cycle. They regularly announce funding and sponsor events.

Education & Training

We arrange education and training opportunities to help support researchers.

Let us give you our expertise and support on your future research projects.