Team Science & Workforce Development

The Institute for Clinical Research Education (ICRE) is the home of the University of Pittsburgh's premier clinical and translational research degree and training programs, as well as the CTSI’s Workforce Development and Team Science Cores.

The ICRE, an avowed anti-racist organization, seeks to improve health outcomes, practice, and policy by creating an equitable, inclusive environment dedicated to educating the next generation of clinical and translational researchers and medical educators.

Team Science

In collaboration with the CTSI, the ICRE seeks to support the development of strong, inclusive research collaborations by providing:

  • Resources and training to support team scientists
  • Human Centered Design (HCD) training to optimize research impact
  • HCD consultations and facilitation (contact Will Hierholzer at:
  • Novel metrics to assess collaboration in the promotion and tenure process
  • Tools and strategies to enhance teamwork

Workforce Development

The ICRE is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art education and training for translational researchers, offering:

Team & Contact Info

Doris Rubio, PhD

Director, Team Science, Workforce Development, and KL2 | Director, Institute for Clinical Research Education
Phone: 412-692-4871

Megan Miller, MEd

Administrative Director, Institute for Clinical Research Education
Phone: 412-692-2018

Marie K. Norman, PhD

Director of Team Science
Phone: 412-864-3024