Pitt+Me Discovery

The Pitt+Me Discovery Biobank is a local personalized medicine research program designed to help University of Pittsburgh and UPMC researchers discover how DNA affects health.

Launched by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute in 2018, Pitt+Me Discovery has been enrolling UPMC participants who provide a blood or saliva sample for analysis, allow secure access to their electronic health record data, and agree to be contacted in the future for additional information.

Pitt+Me Discovery is IRB-approved for up to 250,000 participants, perpetual EHR data linkage, broad data sharing, genetic sequencing, and elective return of research results. It serves as a model of best practices for any investigator launching a biorepository or databank. The biobank will enable researchers to evaluate a broad range of clinical outcomes associated with genetic variation. Researchers will be able to analyze associations of DNA with diseases and treatment response, thus enabling more informed approaches to diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.

Why Pitt+Me Discovery?

  • Access our cohort of participants with matched EHR and pharmacogenomics (PGx) data.
  • Explore associations between DNA, medication response and health outcomes.
  • Request our biobanked DNA for your genomics research.
  • Enroll your participants to enrich the Pitt+Me Discovery cohort for focused research interests.

11K Samples
103 Enrollment
92% Elect to Receive PGx
Results Through EHR

Get Involved

  • Leverage Pitt+Me Discovery for your next research project:
    DNA samples and/or data may be obtained by submitting a request to the Pitt+Me Discovery team. Requests are reviewed and data and/or specimens may be obtained after approval and an investigator user agreement is signed.
  • View the Pitt+Me Discovery participant-facing website

Contact Us

Phone: 412-648-7039
Email: discovery@pitt.edu

Team & Contact Info

Staff photo
Steven E. Reis, MD
Co-PI, Pitt+Me Discovery
E-mail: sreis@pitt.edu
Staff photo
Mark W. Geraci, MD
Co-PI, Pitt+Me Discovery
E-mail: mgeraci@pitt.edu
Staff photo
Kristin Komazec, MPH
Administrative Director, Pitt+Me Discovery
E-mail: kak198@pitt.edu
Staff photo
Philip Empey, PharmD, PhD
Co-Investigator, Pitt+Me Discovery
E-mail: pempey@pitt.edu
Staff photo
Mylynda Massart, MD, PhD
Co-Investigator, Pitt+Me Discovery
E-mail: massartmb@upmc.edu