Research Facilitator Services

CTSI Research Facilitators

CTSI research facilitators are here to assist you throughout the research process. They provide a wide range of support from identifying resources and funding opportunities to identifying collaborators, helping with study design and regulatory submissions, and assisting with participant recruitment studies. Facilitators work with investigators and coordinators as well as staff, academic trainees, and students with a goal to facilitate research and reduce barriers to the research process.

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CTSI research facilitators are available to meet with you. Common topics include regulatory assistance and participant recruitment, but they can help with any issues related to the research process from start to finish.

CTSI research facilitators are also available to conduct informational sessions about CTSI and university research services and resources.

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CTSI Facilitator Services

Regulatory Assistance

Work directly with you to navigate regulatory pathways.

Funding Opportunities

Help identify funding opportunities.


Help locate potential collaborators.

Recruitment Resources

Assist with participant recruitment strategies through in-person consultations.

Social Media Guidance

Offer in-person consultation on social media promotion of research studies, and a social media playbook.


CTSI Research Facilitators come from a wide variety of research backgrounds. They are available to lend their expertise on any research-related topic across the research study life cycle from pre-submission through grant close out.

Education Services

Offer educational opportunities such as the Responsible Conduct of Research Seminar series.

Community Outreach

Connect researchers with the CTSI Community PARTners Core, which strives to disseminate research information to the community and foster collaboration between community members and researchers.