Did you know that more than 200,000 people in the Pittsburgh area have signed up for the Pitt+Me® registry to hear more about adult and pediatric research studies?  

The Pitt+Me Research Recruitment Program is a service provided by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. With more than 120,000 participant referrals to research studies in the past ten years, the Pitt+Me Program has helped hundreds of study teams in our area meet their recruitment goals.  

The novel software uses Pitt+Me registry participants’ diagnosis codes, demographics, and/or health preferences to match the participant with studies that may interest them. Regular e-mails and mailings alert participants when a study is available, and participants are pre-screened online or through our call center. Potentially eligible participants are referred to study teams through an online portal.

For each study that uses the Pitt+Me registry to recruit, a content team creates a custom page that explains the study in plain language and includes details like compensation, location, basic eligibility criteria, and study team biographies. In addition, each study is promoted on Pitt+Me Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Our Services

  • Pitt+Me is a FREE service
  • Pitt+Me resources are available to all University of Pittsburgh/UPMC study teams 
  • Pitt+Me can be used for studies working with Pitt HRPO (formerly the IRB) and external IRBs
  • Pitt+Me includes all types of studies that recruit human subjects: healthy volunteer, surveys, registries, drug trials 
  • Pitt+Me registry includes pediatric and adult participants 
  • Pitt+Me offers online and phone prescreening
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Contact us for more information or to get started with the Pitt+Me Research Recruitment Program:

412-648-4273 or PittPlusMe@pitt.edu