University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Clinical and Translational Research Center

The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Clinical and Translational Research Center (UPCI-CTRC) provides the specialized, controlled environment essential for conducting high-quality clinical and translational cancer research. The unit employs nurses trained in early Phase I and Phase II clinical oncology protocols. Researchers have access to research laboratories, dietitians, skilled technicians, and administrative personnel to facilitate research and provide a safe and supportive environment for cancer patients participating in clinical trials at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Studies conducted at the CTRC involve the administration of sophisticated experimental cancer therapies in a dedicated clinical research setting.

The UPCI-CTRC outpatient unit is located on the first floor of the Hillman Cancer Center and includes three outpatient private beds and one chair. Family members or friends who accompany patients are welcome to stay during patient visits.

Nursing Staff Services

  • Annual training in all aspects of Phase I clinical research, chemotherapy, and biologic administration
  • Protocol conduct and support in the clinical environment
  • Phlebotomy and intravenous catheter placement
  • Vascular device access
  • Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic collection
  • Precise administration of investigational cancer therapies
  • Electrocardiogram services (single and sequential)
  • Acute and emergency care with full support of the Hillman Cancer Center and UPMC Shadyside Code Teams
  • Safety and correlative research specimens
  • Patient education regarding investigational agents
  • Frequent vital sign assessment during investigational agent administration
  • Continuous observation to detect adverse events due to investigational agent administration or underlying illness


Hillman Cancer Center
University of Pittsburgh-Clinical and Translational Research Center
5115 Centre Avenue
1st Floor - Ambulatory - Beckwith Center, Suite 120A
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Hours of Operation

7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday


Lisa Schlarman, BSN, RN, OCN
Nurse Manager
Phone: 412-623-3471
Fax: 412-623-4962