PInCh: Round One Details

What is your bold solution to a challenging health problem?

PInCh is a problem-focused funding program designed to accelerate bold ideas that impact health, and foster an ecosystem of innovation within Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania.

Participating teams must include at least one faculty member from the University of Pittsburgh. Apply using a two-minute video that:

  • Defines a challenging health problem.
  • Presents your team's innovative solution.
  • Introduces the team of problem solvers.

Submission Requirements:

The video submission for Round One must meet the following requirements:

  • The video must address the contest challenge question in two minutes or less in length.
  • The video must be uploaded to My Pitt Video / Panopto and linked within Powered by PInCh®.

How to upload to My Pitt Video:

When uploading your video to My Pitt Video, please:

  • Disable comments.
  • Do not use copyrighted materials (e.g., background music).
  • Do not password-protect your video. It needs to be unlisted and can be accessed to anyone who has the link.

Need Help Making a Video?

Visit the PInCh Resources & Education Page for a video tutorial.

First-time PInCh applicants and those who have not received awards previously are highly encouraged to contact us while planning your video:

How to Submit Your Application

  1. Log in to the Powered by PInCh contest management system.
    • Pitt users: Log in using your Pitt Passport account or HSConnect account.
    • Non-Pitt users: Create a Powered by PInCh account by selecting "Log in using your Powered by PInCh account" and selecting "Register as a new user" on the top right of the screen. If you have previously created a Powered by PInCh account, please use those details to log in.
  2. Complete your profile to tell us who you are.
    • Invite other team members to join by using the “Invite Team Member” link and entering their email addresses. They will receive an email with a link to the PInCh contest management site.
    • Note: At least one member of your team must be a Pitt faculty member.
  3. Register your idea by creating a new project profile.
    • Please provide:
      1. Short public project title (50 characters);
      2. One-sentence description of your solution;
      3. Brief project abstract (300 words).
      4. Category of your solution: Program or Technology
        • Program: Implementation-anchored mission targeting a community health problem.
        • Technology: Product development-anchored mission addressing a production, fabrication, or technological barrier in the market.
  4. Submit a link to your video during the Round One submission period.
    • Please make sure that your video is not password-protected.

Judging Criteria

Problem Definition & Significance

  • Is the problem clearly defined?
  • Does the project address an important problem or critical barrier in the field?

Solution & Innovation

  • Is the solution clearly defined, and does it successfully address the defined problem?
  • If successful, will the solution shift the concepts, methods, research, technologies, treatments, services, or preventative interventions that drive this field?


  • Is the team well-equipped with a breadth of experience to successfully address the defined problem?
  • Does the team build new connections, both within the academic community and among community organizations?

Intellectual Property Protection

If you are worried about how to talk about potential intellectual property, please contact us ( We will help you get in touch with the Innovation Institute and learn more about the Invention Disclosure process.

Bonus Award for Engineering Good Health

This year, we are incentivizing solutions that can involve collaborations between faculty in the Swanson School of Engineering and Schools of Health Sciences. Eligible teams must include a PI and co-PI representing both schools based on primary appointments.

Disclaimers: Bonus award eligibility will not be considered until Round 2 of the PInCh competition process. Bonus award application is not a requirement of PInCh applicants, and selection of PInCh awards is independent of whether a project is eligible for a bonus award. Eligible projects will receive larger awards, but will not otherwise have a competitive advantage.