PInCh Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.  Participating teams must include one current member of the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh and agree that if they receive an award through this mechanism, they will follow all University and Federal rules regarding disbursement of the PInCh award funds. If you are looking to partner with a Pitt faculty member, please email us at and we will be happy to connect you with the CTSI Research Facilitators.

2.  Videos and abstracts submitted for the first round and information presented at the PInCh Final Event may be made available by the University to the public. The participating team has the responsibility to confirm that: (a) they have all rights to display or distribute the videos, abstracts, and other submission materials publicly; and (b) making these submission materials public does not adversely impact the commercial potential of the proposed project. If you need advice and assistance during the submission phase, please contact the Innovation Institute. Written materials submitted for the second and third rounds of the competition will only be reviewed by individuals who agree to hold the materials in confidence by signing a Confidentiality Agreement 

3.  In order to be eligible for any PInCh award, a team must submit an invention disclosure to the Innovation Institute. The invention disclosure will trigger a meeting with individuals at the Innovation Institute where the team will discuss issues surrounding ownership, protection, and commercialization of intellectual property. The goal of this meeting is to protect the innovators/team members and begin exploring the development and commercialization activities that will flow from the award initiation process.

4.  The University of Pittsburgh does recognize pre-existing intellectual property rights of PInCh award recipients and collaborators. However, the University will own and protect any new intellectual property arising from the development activities using the PInCh award funds and the University will be responsible to commercialization of the intellectual property. If the intellectual property created by a PInCh award is licensed or commercialized, the team members who are considered inventors or creators of the University’s intellectual property will be entitled to receive a share of proceeds consistent with the terms of the University of Pittsburgh Intellectual Property Policy, as applicable.

5.  Winner understands the PInCh award must be used to support research, pre-commercialization, and technology validation activities. The award funds will be transferred to a University account designated by the faculty member. Line item budgets will be required and must be submitted and approved by CTSI prior to transfer of funds. A final project report is due 12 months from date of award receipt.