PInCh: Round Two Details

Chosen for Round Two?

You will be notified by e-mail if your project is selected for Round Two and have the opportunity to participate in the Project Facilitation Phase, which provides guidance on the project initiation process (e.g., IRB, contracting, IP, budget, etc.). You will need to submit a project package that elaborates on your proposal. This project package will be reviewed by a panel of judges representing academic, business, and community perspectives. Separately, you are required to submit an invention disclosure to the University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute. 

Submission Requirements

The project package submission for Round Two should include:

  1. Project description (three pages)
  2. References (optional) (one page)
  3. Budget and budget justification (two pages)

Project Description

  • Page format must follow:
    • One-inch margins
    • Minimum 11-point font for text
    • Document saved in .PDF format
    • May include color, figures, tables, images
  • The three-page project description should address the following topics:
    1. Project title
    2. Summary
    3. Problem statement
    4. Solution description:
      1. Describe the approach/methodology for developing your solution.
      2. Highlight the novel aspect of your solution compared to other existing solutions (provides some info regarding competitive landscape).
      3. Include the current stage of development of the solution
    5. Team introduction including name, affiliation, discipline/department for each team member
    6. Intellectual Property (IP) status: What IP currently exists and what new IP will be developed? Which team members contributed to the IP?
    7. Path to impact plan: Brief statement describing a roadmap for the eventual dissemination and implementation of your solution and/or research findings in a setting where they have impact
    8. Description of a customer or user of the solution and how they would use the solution; include a description of the number of potential users (insight into market opportunity)
    9. Role of the PInCh award (maximum $100k award) in the process of developing your solution; include other funding sources to which you have access.
    10. A 12-month work plan that includes:
      1. Deliverables for each quarter
      2. Any impact this 12-month work on the project will have in the community during execution (this may be some trial users or population, pilot implementation, focus groups, etc.)


  • An optional page of references may be included to support information provided in the project description

Budget and Budget Justification

  • Single-page budget on PHS 398 form
  • Single-page budget justification
    • One-inch margins
    • Minimum 11-point font

Budget considerations:
It is important that budget expenditures be planned according to the timeline of the award period (12 months). Please note that NIH funds may not be requested for publication or travel expenses. Personal computer purchase will be approved only when it can be demonstrated that the computer is essential for the proposed work. Justification must be provided for any equipment item costing more than $5,000. The monies awarded will support direct costs only; no indirect support will be provided. The monies awarded may be used for salary support for the principal investigator or any co-investigator/collaborator. Salary support of students and staff can also be included. Any salary support requested in a submitted budget should reflect non-Federal fringe benefit rates.

To Submit a Round Two Entry:

Project Package

  1. Submit the Project Package by logging into the Powered by PInCh contest management system.
  2. If you haven’t invited a Pitt faculty member to your team, use the “Invite Team Member” link. The faculty member will need to complete their profile (including name, rank, and department) by the end of the Round Two submission period in order for your team’s entry to be valid.
  3. Upload your project package during the Round Two submission period (see Important Dates for the submission period start and end dates).
  4. Note that the project package should be submitted as a single PDF file containing all three items.

Invention Disclosure

All teams must submit an Invention Disclosure to the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute by the Round Two deadline. Although not part of the judging process, an Invention Disclosure submission is required in order to advance.  Even if you don’t think there is any new invention or idea in what you are proposing, the Innovation Institute can help you figure out whether your idea is appropriate for a patent, copyright, or other intellectual property. Please contact us if you need assistance with drafting the Invention Disclosure.