PInCh: Round Three Details

Chosen for Round Three?

You will be notified by e-mail if your project is selected for Round Three. For the third round, you will need to submit a response to reviewers, make appropriate revisions to your project package, and pitch your solution to a panel of judges at the final event.

Submission Requirements

The project package submission for the Round Three (finalists only) should include:

  1. Response to reviewers (one page)
    • Use this page to address concerns or comments from the project reviewers
    • Page format:
      • ​1 inch margins
      • minimum 11 point font for text
  2. Revised Round Two project package (i.e., project description, budget, budget justification).
    • This is an opportunity to make edits, updates, and any corrections since the Round 2 submission
    • This is not required if there are no changes
  3. Contingency plan (one page)
    • Only three of the finalists will be awarded $100K. Use this page to describe the scope of work and budget plan if awarded $25,000.
    • Page format:
      • 1 inch margins
      • minimum 11 point font for text

Pitch Requirements

Your pitch at the Round Three event must meet the following requirements:

  1. The pitch must be five minutes or less in length. Following the pitch, you will receive an additional four minutes to answer questions from the judges, for a total of nine minutes.
  2. We recommend that no more than two team members deliver the pitch. Additional team members may be available to answer questions.
  3. No PowerPoint slides will be permitted for the pitch.
  4. Props are allowed and an easel with a flip chart will be provided to support your presentation.

To Submit a Round Three Entry:

  1. Submit the Project Package by logging into the Powered by PInCh contest management system.
  2. Upload your one-page response to reviewers and your revised project package (with revisions clearly marked) during the Round Three submission period (see Important Dates for the submission period start and end dates).
  3. Prepare a five-minute pitch to present at the PInCh final event.