PInCh: Round Three Details

Round Three Submission Requirements

Teams will be notified by e-mail if your project is selected for Round 3, PInCh Finalists.

Additional documents are described below. To submit, combine the components into a single PDF file, log in to Powered by PInCh®, click on the “Round 3” tab, and upload before the deadline.

  1. Response to Reviewers (one page) – Address concerns or comments from the project reviewers. Formatting: one-inch margins, minimum 11-point font.
  2. Revised Project Package (see Round 2 details) – Optional edits, updates, and corrections to each team’s Round 2 submission.
  3. Contingency Plan (3 pages, above formatting)
    • Description of Scope of Work and Project Plan for a $35,000 Award (1 page)
    • Budget ($35,000) on PHS 398 form (1 page)
    • Budget justification (1 page)
      • One-inch margins
      • Minimum 11-point font

Final Pitches at the PInCh Final Event

Each team will be required to give a private administrative pitch to a panel of judges (followed by an intensive question and answer session), and a public pitch at the PInCh Final Event in front of the judges and an audience. The PInCh team will be available for all pitch preparations and feedback sessions.

Details of the PInCh Final Event date and location will be announced soon.