PInCh: Round Three Details

Chosen for Round Three?

Teams will be notified by email regarding their advancement to the final round.

Submission Requirements

  1. Response to Reviewers (one page)
    • Use this page to address concerns or comments from the project reviewers
      • One-inch margins
      • Minimum 11-point font for text
  2. Revised Round Two Project Package (e.g., project description, budget, budget justification)
    • This is an opportunity to make edits, updates, and corrections since the Round Two submission
    • If no changes are needed, this step is optional
  3. Contingency Plan for $25,000 Award
    • One page describing the scope of work and project plan if awarded $25,000
      • One-inch margins
      • Minimum 11-point font for text
    • Single-page budget on PHS 398 form for $25,000
    • Single-page budget justification 
      • One-inch margins
      • Minimum 11-point font

To Submit a Round Three Entry:

  • Submit the materials by logging into the Powered by PInCh contest management system
  • Upload your materials as a single ZIP file during the Round Three submission period.

Preparations for Final Event

Each finalist will be required to give a pitch in front of a panel of judges. Details regarding the final event and pitch preparations will be available in August.