PInCh Resources and Education

Making A Video

Here are a few options and resources to consider. It's important to note that the video production quality does not determine whether a project advances. The content in your video and how you present the problem, solution, and team is what matters.

Local Innovation and Entrepreneurship

There are a lot of resources available to innovators and entrepreneurs. See below for some resources and activities available here in Pittsburgh. While the PInCh competition is not a business plan competition, many of the ideas and approaches to developing a business can be applied to developing a new idea. In particular, questions about how to sustain and grow a new idea are really part of planning a business and the exercises that are carried out can be valuable in developing an innovative solution in health.

Innovation Institute

The Innovation Institute provides a comprehensive suite of services for Pitt Innovators, from protecting intellectual property to the commercialization of new discoveries through licensing and/or new enterprise development. The Institute also provides a wealth of educational programming, mentoring, and networking for Pitt faculty, students, and partners.