PInCh Resources and Education

Making A Video

Here are a few options and resources to consider. It's important to note that the video production quality does not determine whether a project advances. The content in your video and how you present the problem, solution, and team is what matters.

Business Basics

This course provides a brief overview of business concepts that can be useful for the semifinal and final rounds of the PInCh contest. Concepts discussed include customers, competition, barriers, revenue models, pricing, and value proposition.

Local Innovation and Entrepreneurship

There are a lot of resources available to innovators and entrepreneurs. See below for some resources and activities available here in Pittsburgh. While the PInCh competition is not a business plan competition, many of the ideas and approaches to developing a business can be applied to developing a new idea. In particular, questions about how to sustain and grow a new idea are really part of planning a business and the exercises that are carried out can be valuable in developing an innovative solution in health.


sciVelo is part of the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute, accelerating life and health sciences translational research and commercialization. sciVelo advances Pitt’s translational research ecosystem through a transdisciplinary team of over 20 practicing scientists, clinicians, and translational research experts. sciVelo’s mission is to Engage in Research of Impact by identifying, cultivating and advancing Pitt’s most promising life and health sciences translational research to market-ready solutions.


Innovation Institute

The Innovation Institute provides a comprehensive suite of services for Pitt Innovators, from protecting intellectual property to the commercialization of new discoveries through licensing and/or new enterprise development. The Institute also provides a wealth of educational programming, mentoring, and networking for Pitt faculty, students, and partners.