Community Health Series Partnership

CTSI's Community PARTners Core, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, the New Pittsburgh Courier, and the UPMC Center for Engagement and Inclusion collaborate on a monthly printed and online health page in the Courier, a Lunch and Learn series in the downtown Urban League location, and a quarterly Dinner and Dialogue series held in the University of Pittsburgh’s Community Engagement Centers.

For more information about this partnership, email RaNaja Kennedy, Community Engagement Facilitator, at

Below you will find links to the lunch and learn video playlist, covering the many health topics discussed by researchers and community organizers.

Take Charge of Your Health Today.
Be Informed. Be Involved.


  • Social Determinants of Health (January 2023) PDF Video


  • Sickle Cell Disease (July 2022) PDF Video
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (August 2022) PDF Video
  • Disaster Preparedness (September 2022) PDF Video
  • Physical Activity (October 2022) PDF Video
  • Community Data & Housing Stability (November 2022) PDF Video
  • Grief (December 2022) PDF Video 


  • Thriving During COVID-19 (January 2021) PDF
  • Vaccine Trust (January 2021) PDF Video
  • Heart Health (February 2021) PDF
  • Parents, Children, and COVID-19 (March 2021) PDF Video
  • Exercise and Cognitive Function (April 2021) PDF Video
  • Postpartum Health and Wellness (May 2021) PDF Video
  • STI Awareness (June 2021) PDF
  • Intimate Partner Violence (July 2021) PDF
  • Emergency Preparedness (August 2021) PDF Video
  • School-to-Prison Pipeline (October 2021) PDF Video
  • Veterans' Health Disparities (November 2021) PDF Video
  • HIV/AIDS Stigma & Prevention (December 2021) PDF Video


  • Mental Health and Young Adults (January 2020) PDF Video
  • Racism and Health (February 2020) PDF
  • Coronavirus: Advice from Physicians (March 2020) PDF
  • Coronavirus: Flattening the Curve (March 2020) PDF
  • Myths and Research About Down Syndrome (March 2020) PDF Video
  • The Economic Impact of COVID-19 (April 2020) PDF Video
  • Digital and Data Literacy (May 2020) PDF Video
  • Skin Health (June 2020) PDF
  • Clinical Vaccine Trials (July 2020) PDF
  • Food Insecurity and COVID-19 (August 2020) PDF
  • COVID-19 Infodemic (September 2020) PDF Video
  • COVID-19 Stories (October 2020) PDF
  • Stress and COVID-19 (November 2020) PDF Video


  • Immunizations and Vaccinations (January 2019)  PDF  Video
  • Preeclampsia and Heart Health (February 2019)  PDF  Video
  • Asthma and Poverty (March 2019)  PDF  Video
  • Prediabetes (April 2019) PDF  Video  
  • Breast Cancer (May 2019) PDF  Video
  • Benefits of Fatherhood (June 2019) PDF  Video
  • Stroke Research (July 2019) PDF  Video
  • The Pittsburgh Study (August 2019)  PDF  Video
  • Teens and Sleep (September 2019)  PDF  Video
  • Oral Health Disparities (October 2019)  PDF  Video
  • Diabetes and Physical Activity (November 2019)  PDF



  • Social Support (January 2018)  PDF  Video
  • Alzheimer's Disease (February 2018)  PDF  Video
  • Down Syndrome (March 2018)  PDF  Video
  • Hypertension (April 2018)  PDF  
  • All of Us Pennsylvania (May 2018)  PDF  
  • HIV and PreP (June 2018)  PDF  
  • Sleep (July 2018)  PDF  Video
  • Depression in Older Adults (August 2018)  PDF  
  • Menopause (September 2018)  PDF  Video
  • Mobile Health (October 2018)  PDF  Video
  • Gun Violence (November 2018)  PDF  Video



  • Preventative Health (January 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Healthy Relationships (February 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Water Quality (March 2017)  PDF 
  • Bridging Health Equity Across Communities (April 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (May 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Reproductive Rights (June 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Post-Incarceration Health Care (July 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Electronic Cigarettes (August 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Addiction (September 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Research and Health Equity (October 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Precision Medicine (November 2017)  PDF  Video
  • Bullying (December 2017)  PDF  Video


  • Physical Activity (January 2016)  PDF 
  • Vitamins and Supplements (February 2016)  PDF 
  • Drug Use (March 2016)  PDF 
  • Organ Donation (April 2016)  PDF 
  • Healthy Aging (May 2016)  PDF 
  • Sexuality and Stigma (June 2016)  PDF 


  • Environmental Health (January 2015)  PDF 
  • Hearing Health (February 2015)  PDF 
  • Diabetes (March 2015)  PDF 
  • Diabetes continued (March 2015)  PDF 
  • Sleep Health (August 2015)  PDF 
  • Pregnancy Health (September 2015)  PDF 
  • Health Technology (October 2015)  PDF 
  • Health Insurance (November 2015)  PDF 
  • Alcohol (December 2015)  PDF 


About the Community Health Series Partnership 

The partnership seeks to provide relevant health information, statistics, and research opportunities in the local community. The Health Page features a commentary each month with Esther L. Bush, President and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, an overview of a researcher’s study, and resources offered in the city. The New Pittsburgh Courier, one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious black newspapers, distributes more than 10,000 copies of the edition.

Aims for this unique, ongoing partnership between academics, the community, a health system, and local media include community health education and advocacy, increasing minority participation in clinical and translational research, and encouraging individuals to become empowered and actively engaged in their own health.

The free and open to the public on-site series discuss Allegheny County-specific health disparities and current research, while connecting readers and attendees to resource opportunities. Researchers are on hand to present findings and the floor will be open to dialogue.