PInCh Pitt Innovation Challenge 2020

What is the Pitt Innovation Challenge?

The Pitt Innovation Challenge (PInCh®) is a competition supported by the University of Pittsburgh's Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). The PInCh competition is designed to generate innovative solutions to challenging health problems by mitigating risk and providing financial and administrative support to move ideas forward. The PInCh program stimulates the translation of novel problem-focused research into the community by giving researchers a venue to be creative, develop new ideas, and work with people beyond their usual sphere of collaborators.

A New PInCh

Normally, the PInCh final event involves our finalist teams pitching their innovations live to a panel of judges, an evening of networking, and a dinner on the University of Pittsburgh campus. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to innovate, resulting in the first-ever virtual PInCh 2020 event!

Below are the nine teams selected to win PInCh 2020 awards, through a multi-step evaluation process beginning in March 2020 and involving dozens of expert reviewers. 

After this final stage of review, three $100,000 awards will be announced on Wednesday, October 14. All nine of these teams will receive at least $25,000 worth of funding, and support from CTSI to help move their innovations to clinical impact.

Take a look at each of the Project Pages linked below and send the teams your feedback. Now is your chance to help them translate their research into practice!

PInCh 2020 Finalists

Since 2014, the CTSI Innovation Core has received 787 applications and awarded $4.8 million across 103 projects. Subsequently, this has led to $28 million in post-award investments.

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