Innovation Training

The Innovation as a Discipline (IaaD) program at CTSI provides advanced training in innovation to complement CTSI's Innovations Training Program in the Institute of Clinical Research Education (ICRE). Our overall approach is to offer experiential training as well as advanced innovation seminars and workshops and to establish a promotion path in the School of Medicine that values and rewards translation through commercialization. 

Innovation Track

We co-developed a master’s level curriculum Innovation Track with the ICRE that draws on best practices from four Innovation Discipline Domains: Industry, Entrepreneurship, Academia, and Regulatory. Examples of topics we are integrating into the curriculum include the Stage-Gate® process (Industry), Peter Drucker’s applied research on innovation (Entrepreneurship), innovation literature (Academia), and 21 CFR 820.3 – Design Controls (Regulatory).


Entrepreneurship Promotions and Tenure Track

We conceptualized and are co-leading the development of new promotions and tenure criteria and metrics in the Pitt School of Medicine that rewards entrepreneurship accomplishments.

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Innovation requires collaboration and stakeholder engagement, which can be enabled by experiential training. Working with the CTSI Community PARTners Core, we are developing and promoting opportunities to create teams that include clinicians, engineers, scientists, patients, community leaders, industry and business stakeholders, and others to address clinical and public health problems through commercial translation. Examples of networking activities include:

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Innovation Externship Program

The Innovation as a Discipline (IaaD) program will enhance formal courses and mentoring from the ICRE by organizing an Innovation Externship Program that will provide training in the four Innovation Discipline Domains: Industry, Entrepreneurship, Academia, and Regulatory. Externs will develop advanced skills of innovation and entrepreneurship such as market segmentation, high-fidelity prototyping and solution ideation, financial pro forma development, competitive analysis, pricing sensitivity analysis, and product lifecycle management. These skills supplement those acquired through ICRE’s innovation training programs and IaaD program seminars and other activities.

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Please stay tuned as we work to develop these programs.
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