Improving LGBTQ+ Health: Robert Coulter

November 18, 2020

Robert is designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions aimed at reducing violence and substance use inequities for sexual and gender minority youth. But before becoming a professor and researching the dynamics of LGBTQ+ health inequities, Robert was surrounded by theoretical numbers and too many oboes.

About Coulter

Robert Coulter, PhD, MPH is an Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, with a secondary appointment in the Department of Pediatrics. He received his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh and completed his postdoctoral training through the Clinical and Translational Science Fellowship Program.


Key Highlights

• 1:54 Family Influence
• 3:06 Abundance of Oboes
• 4:49 Mathematically Minded
• 5:38 Studying Public Health
• 10:38 Addressing LGBTQ+ Youth Health Disparities
• 14:25 Human-Centered Design
• 18:02 Insights from LGBTQ+ Youth
• 22:51 Plants-demic
• 24:58 One Word to Describe Yourself