Fostering Innovation: Nehal Bhojak

April 15, 2020

In 2001, Nehal moved to Pittsburgh and had been working as a consultant when she decided to go back to school for a second master’s degree.   A decision that set her on a trajectory to becoming a prolific figure in the Pittsburgh innovation ecosystem.  Today, she is at the interaction of academia and industry – fostering relationships and coordinating the development of innovative medical technologies.     

About Bhojak

Nehal Bhojak is the Director of Strategic Business Initiatives at Pittsburgh CREATES, a University of Pittsburgh initiative that supports collaborative surgical and medical innovation, research, and training.  Prior to joining Pittsburgh CREATES, Bhojak was the Director of Innovation at Idea Foundry, a local business and technology accelerator.


Key Highlights

  • 4:39 Relocating to Pittsburgh 
  • 5:30 Tools for start-ups 
  • 6:47 New career at Idea Foundry 
  • 8:38 Attributes of a successful start-up 
  • 10:53 Bringing her talents to the University of Pittsburgh 
  • 12:31 Pittsburgh Creates Program 
  • 16:57 One word to describe yourself 
  • 17:16 Father as a role model 
  • 18:54 Twin sister 
  • 19:33 Nerd at heart 
  • 20:13 Narratives are everything