Emergency in Mind: Clifton Callaway

December 3, 2019

Clifton Callaway came to Pittsburgh in 1993 to begin his medical residency and would go on to become a prominent researcher, physician, and leader in emergency care.  However, before becoming a doctor, Callaway was a student majoring in psychology and working on an ambulance, an experience that led him to neuroscience and becoming an expert in brain injury.   

About Callaway

Clifton Callaway, MD, PhD is Professor and Executive Vice-Chair of Emergency Medicine and the Ronald D. Stewart Endowed Chair of Emergency Medicine Research at the University of Pittsburgh.  Callaway is also the Director of CTSI’s Pilot Funding Core.      


Key Highlights:

  • 1:45 Spent a summer in high school working at the CDC in Atlanta
  • 3:30 Deciding to major in psychology and becoming interested in neuroscience
  • 5:00 Takes an EMT course with his roommate and begins working on an ambulance
  • 7:45 Moves to San Diego to pursue a MD and PhD
  • 8:45 Emergency medicine as the other end of the ambulance ride 
  • 10:00 How emergency medicine has changed from when he was a medical resident
  • 12:00 Translating his research to practice through the formation of Post-Cardiac Arrest Service
  • 14:45 Mentorship: nobody gets advice from one person.  Mentors can include younger peers.
  • 16:00 Learning the importance of scientific writing
  • 18:00 Callaway’s interest in Roman history 
  • 19:15 His twin daughters’ career directions and their overlap with Callaway and his wife’s work