Community Connector: Lina Dostilio

September 10, 2019

Moving around a bit in their early life has connected Lina Dostilio to the concept of space and place, particularly as it relates to community engagement and Dostilio’s work within that framework. A self-described hard worker, Dostilio thinks deeply about how to build relationships between and among folks in the community and those engaged in an academic university. A lover of “bizarre British television,” cooking, and her family, Lina balances long workdays with finding joy off the clock.

About Dostilio

Lina Dostilio, EdD is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement in the Office of Community and Governmental Relations at the University of Pittsburgh. She is responsible for supporting community-facing work at Pitt that includes community relations, cultivating strategic opportunities to advance Pitt’s community engagement agenda, and implementing the University’s place-based community engagement initiative through the development of neighborhood-based community engagement centers.


Key Highlights:

  • 2:44 Influence of family as hard workers
  • 5:00 What having a good day means to Lina
  • 7:19 College courses in race and class start to carve a path
  • 8:06 Why the practical Doctor of Education (EdD) degree?
  • 10:42 Place and space are highly important to Lina
  • 13:23 Cliff notes version of Lina’s book about community engagement
  • 15:09 The community engagement and university relationship
  • 16:17 Different kinds of space: Open, closed and invited
  • 21:01 Balancing family and work life
  • 24:53 “Bizarre British television”
  • 26:50 One word Lina uses to describe themselves