WORDOUT: Community Research Dissemination Challenge

The WORDOUT: Community Research Dissemination Challenge is an exciting opportunity for community organizations and University of Pittsburgh researchers to offer ideas for getting the “word out" about the latest in research dissemination. This challenge awards multiple grants up to $10,000 each and is administered by the CTSI Community PARTners Core

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Learn more about previous WORDOUT award recipients.

E-mail partners@hs.pitt.edu if you would like to learn more. 

Reasons to Participate

Community Organizations:

  • Research findings can take up to 17 years to reach communities. This is too long! Through research dissemination, community organizations can learn about the latest research and best practices that affect the health of the people the organization serves. This understanding can encourage people to make the best decisions about their health and build healthier communities. 
  • Serve as the expert teaching researchers who work in your community — use your knowledge to leverage the researcher's reach and scope — making outcomes more relevant in your community.
  • Funds provided to create creative and useful ways to disseminate research through your organization — applying the mission and activities that you already perform to direct the process of getting the word out. 
  • Hands-on assistance from the CTSI Community PARTners Core

Pitt Researchers:

  • Research findings can take up to 17 years to reach communities, which is much too long!
  • Up to $10,000 in funds to create creative and useful ways to disseminate research
  • Opportunity to create deeper connections with the community in which you conduct your research
  • Create a pipeline for recruitment and dissemination around your work.
  • Learn best practices for working in and with communities in which your research aligns.
  • Hands-on assistance from the CTSI Community PARTners core

How to Apply

The WORDOUT challenge is administered through the Powered By PInCh contest management system.


ROUND ONE: Initial Matchmaking

Using the prompts listed below, create a one-minute video and include an accompanying one-page document that provides additional background. The one-page document may include any information that you feel will help to build your profile.

If you are from a non-profit COMMUNITY organization, please provide:

  • Who are you?  Tell us about your organization.
  • Who is your target audience? How far does your organization reach?
  • What are the top-three health issues in your community?

If you are a RESEARCHER, please provide:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your focus?
  • With whom will you partner?  

Based on the one-minute video and one-page document submitted by community organizations and researchers, a match of intersecting interests will take place. After teams are notified, marched duos will enter Round Two. 


ROUND TWO: The matched duo will create a PowerPoint with audio

It will be up to the pair to get together to plan and submit Round Two. Your WORDOUT seven-minute proposal PowerPoint should provide a clear plan for how you will involve and educate your community about working with a researcher and how to engage in research. Be sure to include slides that describe your community; why working to make researchers and research more diverse and inclusive is important to your community, how you will engage and share this information in your community, and how you plan to use the grant funds. Matched pairs must also submit a proposed budget.

Powered by PInCh Details

Log in to Powered by PInCh® using your LinkedIn, HSCOnnect, or Powered By PInCh account. If you do not have an HSConnect account, click the Create one now! link on the right side of the page. Or create a Powered by PInCh account by selecting Log in using your Powered by PInCh account and select Register as a new user on the top right of the screen. Note: HSConnect is a secure authentication system supported by the Health Sciences department at the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Complete your profile to tell us who you are. Invite other team members to join by using the Invite Team Member link and enter each  e-mail address. Each member will receive an e-mail with a link to the PInCh contest management site.
  • Register your idea by creating a new project.
  • Insert a link to your video and upload your accompanying one-page document during the Round One submission period. Please make sure that your video is not password-protected.

Judging Criteria

Academic and community reviewers will review all proposals and select the top entries for the final round based on the following judging criteria.

  • Importance/impact of the research for your community
  • Creativity/innovation of the research dissemination strategy
  • Feasibility of the proposed strategy