CTSI Partnership With The New Pittsburgh Courier

CTSI's Community PARTners Core, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, the New Pittsburgh Courier, and the UPMC Center for Engagement & Inclusion collaborate on a monthly printed and online health page in the Courier, a Lunch and Learn series in the downtown Urban League location, and a quarterly Dinner and Dialogue series held in the University of Pittsburgh’s Community Engagement Centers.
The partnership seeks to provide relevant health information, statistics, and research opportunities in the local community. The Health Page features a commentary each month with Esther L. Bush, President and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, an overview of a researcher’s study, and resources offered in the city. The New Pittsburgh Courier, one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious black newspapers, distributes more than 10,000 copies of the edition.

Aims for this unique, ongoing partnership between academics, the community, a health system, and local media include community health education and advocacy, increasing minority participation in clinical and translational research, and encouraging individuals to become empowered and actively engaged in their own health.

The free and open to the public on-site series discuss Allegheny County-specific health disparities and current research, while connecting readers and attendees to resource opportunities. Researchers are on hand to present findings and the floor will be open to dialogue.

For more information about this partnership, email Bee Schindler, LMSW, Community Engagement Coordinator, at bee.schindler@pitt.edu

Below you will find links to the lunch and learn video playlist, covering the many health topics discussed by researchers and community organizers.