The Playbooks

Our playbooks provide researchers and their teams with information and resources to assist in various aspects of conducting a research study. Click through for guidance on the proper regulatory pathways to follow for clinical trial implementation, a comprehensive overview of using social media in research, and a customized catalog of recruitment resources.

Clinical Trial Playbook

The Clinical Trial Playbook provides customized guidance regarding regulatory requirements for clinical trials and links to regulatory offices which oversee research at the University.


Recruitment Playbook

The CTSI Recruitment Playbook provides researchers and their teams with a customized catalogue of recruitment resources that can be used through out the recruitment process — from developing a recruitment plan to identifying additional strategies while actively recruiting.


Social Media Playbook

Being successful on the internet is about communicating the value of your organization and showing people why they should interact with you. This playbook will give you the information you need for using social media to your professional advantage in research and beyond.