Grant Submission Support

The grant submission process is complex and time-consuming. We understand the need to create timelines, organizsections, avoid duplicate or discrepant information, and review drafts. Assistance with grant applications and submissions is available through CTSI and the university. 

To learn more contact us, or to request a research facilitator consultation, please visit the CTSI Research Facilitator Page.


Office of Research, Health Sciences

For free scientific and editorial review of grant applications, Health Sciences faculty may contact Dr. Jeremy Somers.


CTSI Statistical Services and Consulting

Study design and statistical consultations are provided to Pitt investigators through CTSI's Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) Core.

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Grants Management Services Team at the University of Pittsburgh supports campus researchers and their staff with a variety of tasks associated with extramural funding transactions. 

CTSI Research Facilitator Consultations

CTSI Research Facilitators can help you find resources, review submissions, offer regulatory guidance, and assist with questions through the grant submission process.

University of Pittsburgh Writing Center

This is a free service offered by University of Pittsburgh providing writing assistance to students, faculty, and staff.