PInCh 2020 Advancing Projects, Round Two

Congratulations to the projects advancing to Round Two of PInCh 2020!

The following projects are invited to Round Two of the competition. These teams will have the opportunity to participate in the Project Facilitation Phase, which provides guidance on the project initiation process (e.g., IRB, contracting, IP, budget, etc.). Teams will need to submit a project package that elaborates on the proposal. This project package will be reviewed by a panel of judges representing academic, business, and community perspectives. Separately, teams are required to submit an invention disclosure to the University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute.

Teams selected for Round Three will be announced on July 31.

Advancing Projects

Project Title

Project Team Lead(s)

3D-Sculpted Ear Implants from Cadaveric Cartilage Liliana Camison, Jesse Goldstein
Acoustic Waveform Respiratory Examination (AWARE) Erick Forno
Anti-V Textiles  Paul Leu
BioStim  Trent Emerick
 BodyConnect  Robert Gaunt
 Cerebral Aneurysm Prognosis Classifier  Timothy Chung, David Vorp
LemurDx Oliver Lindhiem
microJoint   Peter Alexander, Hang Lin
NanoNares Nadia Boutaoui, Juan Carlos Celedon
Neurocognitive Therapy for Children with Autism Barry Nathan, Barbara Baumann
Novel Lung Targeting Peptides for Cystic Fibrosis Maliha Zahid
Patient Specific Expandable Foam Neel Patel, Eric Beckman
READE IONM Amir Mina, Parthasarathy Thirumala
Sevo Arnelle Etienne, Christina Patterson
Sulfotransferase Inhibitor: Depression Therapeutic Mary Cacace, Alexander Deiters
Transplants for Kids  Eric Pahl, George Mazariegos
Using AI to triage imaging exams during a pandemic Christopher Buros, Shandong Wu
WheelTrak  Anand Mhatre