Seminars & Workshops

Annual Lifespan Conference

This conference is centered on biomedical science across a person’s lifespan. Academics and clinicians convene to examine the development, influence, and trajectory of biological processes across the lifespan. Topics include research from fundamental biology to clinical research and dissemination of best practices.

Annual Biomedical Modeling Conference

The Biomedical Modeling Core hosts a national conference each year that attracts computational and clinical researchers from all levels of the translational spectrum. The first annual conference, Modeling the Opioid Epidemic: Insights and Potential Solutions from Computational Science was held on October 2, 2017. The second conference, Modeling Social Dynamics and Health Behavior, was held on October 26, 2018.

Research Professional Series

The CTSI Research Professional Series consists of educational presentations that are held several times a year, both in-person and through webinars. Topics include everything from budgeting to best practices in recruitment to study team management.  The series is intended for research professionals including coordinators, assistants, and others that are involved in the daily operations of research studies.