The Pain Research Challenge 2019 Award Winners


What is your solution to ease the burden of pain?

Predicting Analgesia with a Brain Biomarker

$50,000 Award Winner - Pain Research Challenge 2019

Brief Description: Using functional near-infrared spectroscopy as a brain imaging modality to detect pain relief and identify a functional biomarker of analgesia.

Team: Benedict Alter, MD, PhD; Hendrick Santosa, PhD; Ajay Wasan, MD, MSc; Ted Huppert, PhD

Preventing Suicide in Homeless Youth

$50,000 Award Winner - Pain Research Challenge 2019

Brief Description: Evaluating the acceptability and effectiveness of an adapted Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills training program for reducing suicide ideation and risk, and increasing coping skills use in homeless and housing unstable youth. 

Team: Carla Chugani, PhD, LPC; Elizabeth Miller, MD; PhD, Chris McAneny

Tissue Chip Modeling of Osteoarthritis Pain

$50,000 Award Winner - Pain Research Challenge 2019

Brief Description: Developing a human cell-derived and neural component-containing microphysiological joint tissue chip and use it to study the mechanism of osteoarthritis pain and facilitate drug screening. 

Team: Hang Lin, PhD; Michael Gold, PhD