Pitt+Me Trial Innovation Webinar Presentation

On Monday, March 2, members of the Pitt CTSI team led a webinar on the Trial Innovation Network (TIN), focused on the Pitt+Me program, the CTSI participant-driven research registry that has helped hundreds of study teams meet their recruitment goals over the past 10 years.

Kerri Jackson, MPPM, Heather Theoret Rockwell, MPW, Abby E. Johnston, MBA, Sarah Hurley, and Lee Bash gave an overview of the current application and marketing strategies, as well as a brief history of registry development and discussion of best practices for creating a successful institutional research registry.

The presentation covered Pitt+Me recruitment over time, highlighting the gender-age distribution of participants and the methods by which they were recruited, including collaborations with UPMC, outreach events, and the Pitt+Me website and Call Center. The group also detailed the various marketing efforts used to drive participants to the registry, such as Pitt+Me study ads, study match communications, social media posts, and the Pitt+Me newsletter.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here and the presentation slides here.

Special thanks to TIN for having us! TIN is a collaborative national network that focuses on operational innovationoperational excellence and collaboration, in an effort to innovatively address critical roadblocks in clinical research and accelerate the translation of novel interventions into life-saving . To learn more or view past webinars, please visit trialinnovationnetwork.org.